Our preschool community is designed to conserve and promote children’s cultural heritage, their francophone identity, and preschooler’s right to quality education. We believe that play is children’s natural way of learning.

We offer a developmentally appropriate program that responds to each child’s uniqueness, multiple intelligence, needs, and interests. The program is child directed and promotes preschoolers’ holistic development.  We offer activities that stimulate the child’s active discovery of the world in a rich, diverse, and inclusive environment. The quality environment stimulates children’s learning and development indoor and outdoor. The environment is children’s third teacher; it should be joyful, aesthetically pleasant, safe and healthy.

We focus on building children’s confidence, independence and responsibility. The ultimate goal is to help the children develop harmoniously and to give them a sense of personal accomplishment while building self-confidence and a positive attitude. Children are developing in a nurturing environment where they feel loved, accepted, competent and respected.

 Children are encouraged to develop positive relationships with peers and adults by sharing and participating in various games and activities. The children are invited to express their emotions, to respect those of others, and to resolve their own problems. Children are made aware of the consequences of their action.

We recognize families as the primary influence on children’s development, and we encourage them to be actively involved in the program.  We support their right to quality education for their children and to information on children’s development. We respect their traditions, language and culture. We consider families as partner in the program’s philosophy and value their input.
We are committed to incorporate the community as an essential and necessary part of the program’s philosophy and build a community of commitment between adult and children. Communication and interaction with the community deepens children’s understanding of the world around them.

We recognize the importance of children’s optimal health for their development. We understand the importance of sanitation in reducing the spread of disease. We want to offer a secure environment to provide injuries, and prepare children for emergency practice. We recognize that adequate nutrition is essential for children’s growth and development as well as maintenance of the body. The program encourages healthy snacks, and nutritional education. We refer to Canada’s guide for healthy eating.

We recognize the professionalism and knowledge of the staff in early childhood development and their commitment to our philosophy. Teachers collaborate with each other and are committed to reflection about their learning and teaching. Teachers learn from and with the child and seek ongoing knowledge about children’s development and research. Within a warm and secure environment, our preschool’s teachers promote children’s inclusion by using a global approach while respecting each child’s pace of learning, and degree of knowledge. The teachers set the tone and standards and provide children with positive guidance, and role model. They encourage children’s participation, facilitate learning, provide challenges, independence, imagination, problem solving, creativity, decision making, and discovery by constantly observing the children and adapting the environment.

We will uphold the accreditation standards under which daycares and other childcare organization currently adhere.